The Best Pork Belly

I have just cooked and eaten the best pork belly I have ever had. Part of this was no doubt down to my skilfull cooking but a large measure of the credit goes to Brooks Pork of Steyning in West Sussex. Their pigs are raised outdoors on Downland and have just the right amount of fat and you can taste they wern’t factory raised..You can find Brooks Pork & Shoreham Farmers and Artisan Markets, Steyning Farmers Market and Lancing Village Market.


Pork Belly for dinner – cooking time 2 hours. Turn oven on to 220°c. Score pork (a Stanley knife is best). Season underside with salt, pepper and mustard powder. Put more salt than you think possible and rub in thoroughly into the fat on upper side. Place belly on rack ( a grill pan is perfect) I put some fresh tarragon and thyme underneath the joint but you don’t have to. Place in oven, after 30 mins turn down to 170°c for an hour and a quarter. For the last 15 minutes place under hot grill. Allow to rest. Yummy


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