This is a quick and easy recipe with few ingredients and only takes a few minutes.


2 Sea Bream or Sea Bass Fillets

Clove Garlic

Knob of Ginger

1 or 2 Chilli’s

Spring Onion

6 Raw Prawns

Salt & Pepper

A few drops of light Soy Sauce

Vegetable Oil


Cut the vegetable ingredients into matchsticks

Pour a little oil in the pan, place on a medium/hot stove

Pat fish fillets dry and season lightly

When oil is hot put fillets skin side down in pan. When the fillets start going translucent round the edges and the skin is crisp, flip and cook the other side for 30 seconds. Move fillets to a serving plate.

Throw the garlic, chlli and spring onions in the pan stir gently for a minute or so.

Now start cooking the prawns, about 30 seconds a side until they are pink – but not a moment longer.

Sprinkle a little soy sauce to deglaze the pan

Place the vegetable mixture on top of the fish fillets with the prawns.


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