Really special Cottage pie
Really special Cottage pie

A really posh Cottage Pie

By Eat Food Love Food

September 22, 2016

This cottage pie is so posh it really should almost be called a gite pie. The main difference is the meat used, the cooking method and the wine. This is in place of some tired left-over beef or mince and gravy of doubtful parentage.


1 kg Topside beef

2 Onions

2 Cloves of garlic

1 Red pepper

Sprigs of Thyme

750 ml Bottle of full bodied red wine

Salt and pepper

1 kg Potatoes for mashing

250 ml Single cream

200 g Chestnut mushrooms

Beef stock



1Turn the oven to 170c.

2Roughly slice the onions and red pepper, chop the garlic quite finely add to dish. (I use a pan just slightly bigger than the joint, I then use this for the finished cottage pie.) Season beef and place in dish, pour over red wine. Cover dish tightly with foil. Place in oven.

3After one hour remove from oven, turn the beef so that the bottom now becomes the top. Re-cover and cook for another hour. (Do try and avoid scalding yourself on escaping steam or burning yourself on the foil). Remove beef from the oven, the beef should be now falling apart, if not return to oven. Once done remove beef from pan.

Cooked beef for cottage pie

4While the beef was cooking you can make your mashed potatoes. I use cream with this dish to add to the luxury, add salt & pepper to taste.

Creamy mash potato

5Strain the cooking juices and wine from the beef, removing the sprigs of thyme but retaining the rest. Return the onions, garlic and cooked pepper to the pan add sliced mushrooms, shred the beef and mix gently this with the vegetables. Cover this mixture with the cooking juices, if this is insuficeint thicken some beef stock and add it to the pan.

6Top with the mashed potato and cook at 180c for 30 minues or until heated through.

7Serve with a green vegetable or side salad and some MORE red wine.